Dedicated to providing the best solutions

Taj Air, based in Mumbai, India - has been offering bespoke services since 1996, and under the Brand Name of Taj Air since 2002.

Taj Air is committed to giving you the finest experience in aircraft charters.

We only offer aircraft that are owned; maintained and operated by Taj Air i.e. no third party aircraft are offered. The fleet comprises of all single owner aircraft (bought from the manufacturer) i.e. none are pre-owned.

The industry leader in safety and security - we hold the unique distinction of being the only Indian operator to be continuously certified by international aviation audit firms since 2008.

The crew has an average of over 5,000 hours of experience per pilot. All pilots are employed by Taj Air and they only fly 'one type of aircraft' i.e. better proficiency.

Years of experience allow us to create solutions around Your plans, Your requirements, Your schedules.